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Wayne (Mad Dog) Agnew Joined 2013
Drums & Percussion

I started  at the age of 7 playing my brothers keyboards, not long after I got my own. In learning how to play the keyboards, started to take grades (got up to grade 5). Whist playing keyboards, piano I started to play in the school steel band. This gave me my first taste of percussion in a very active music career. The band giged 2-3 times a week during the winter months even more in the summer. We were (3 years running) the most popular act at the Rochester dickens festival, drawing crowds of over 200 people in very small areas (blocking shops, walkways and causing a nuisance). I was in the school band for four and a half years. During my time in the band I arranged and composed many songs, I even got some of them recorded for my first studio album.

Strangely, I didn't start playing the drums until I was at 16. The lack of drummers at college and the fact I wasn’t as good on the piano as I thought, gave me an opportunity to drum for anyone who’d have me. Because I was always at college, played the song and didn’t show off, more and more people asked me to play for them. Outside of college it wasn't long until I joined my first "real rock band" (previously only performed in the secondary school band for four and a half years). It was a three piece grunge band called “Make Shift” (didn’t last long) but it led me to listen to grunge, rock and the darker side of music. Up until then I was listening to a lot of 60’s and 80’s pop, this new(ish) music opened my mind so much and still today has a big influence on my playing. There is nothing like a good ol' rock tune at full volume.
During a stint in an originals band I picked up the drumming name "Mad Dog" a drunk guy came up to me and slurred " 'ear mate you hit those things like Moon and he was a fu*king mad dog" and it stuck. Gotta love the drunks (sometimes)

Although playing in many different bands in my short drumming life, it has taught me a verious amount of styles, from function/wedding bands, heavy metal, country and cheesy pop. I've been in a function band called "The Fabulous Boogie Band" for over 12 years which has been fun. Playing in that band enabled me to dragged my tubs around Kent, London, Essex and Surrey. But basically I'm a drum slut and I'll play pretty much anywhere, anytime.
Being asked to join the ‘Relics’ brought a new challenge to me getting the light and shade not to mention the timing spot on. So listening to the Magic of the way Pink Floyd put there music together, its now onwards and upwards!!!!!  

Currently I'm rocking out on a Pearl Export 2002 ElX select (blue mist), Pearl hardware, with Paiste cymbals. I use Vic firth 8d sticks (a rare size).