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Malcolm Knight (Binky) Founder Member Started September 2006
Bass guitar -  Lead & Backing Vocal

At the age of 13, I started playing guitar, whilst being groomed to join the Navy.
When I was 18  I joined my first band ‘Witches Brew’, playing heavy metal.

In 1970- I joined a band called ‘Rip-it-Up’, where I played 4 hours of Rock ‘n Roll.

In 1972- I started the ‘Autumn Vine Band’ and did gigs at all the pubs & clubs
in the Kent and Sussex area. The band broke up only because the singer went abroad,
alone he still owes me a fiver.
I then went pro freelancing for the likes of: ‘Vanity Fair’ – ‘Chicory Tip’ – ‘Joe Brown’ as well as numerous other local bands. I have remained friends with all of them over the years.

In 1975- I joined the ‘Bob Bartell Country Band’ a great 6-piece country band, with
the iconic pedal steel Gordon Huntley (Matthews Southern Comfort) on steel guitar.
Sadly gone for many years but his magical touch will haunt me forever, such a true
diamond with such a talent.

In 1986- I came in contact with a guy called Dave Davidson, who looked and played
like Eric Clapton. This meeting turned out into a long term playing relationship.
At a later stage, Billy Johnson joined us on drums.

In 1996- Autumn Vine’ was started up again, only this time as a duo and we were
doing great, until illness split us in 1999. I continued for another year with a replacement lead guitarist, until he decided to go abroad. Possibly following a previous singer, he too owes me a fiver
may be a trend here.

From 2000 to 2006-  I went solo. I was constantly looking for a new venture and muso’s to quench my fire for music. I came across a talent so rare while having my car fixed, I found a guitarist with a heart of gold and fingers of fire. Chris ‘ The Falcon’ Barnett. We have with other musicians put together a tribute to Pink Floyd called ‘ The Relics’ This has given us so much pleasure with a pride of achievement. Enjoyed by a very large fan base. I am still a a main cog of this outfit in 2012, as it is a resounding success story. Please spare a thought for the time and effort put into this fine band, do catch a performance. Respect the other musicians playing with me. They are all heroes of life entertaining is in their blood.
Thank you for your “ time ”. Listen to ours!

Fender Jazz (1975) .. Trace Elliot 150 Watt .. Zoom Bass processor .. Boss ME20 Vocal processor