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Scott Brunger  (Squittle) Joined 2013
Lead Guitar & Vocal

Fist things first, favorite lyric "You bought a guitar to punish your Ma"

I started playing when my dad taught me a few chords on some old beaten up guitar that my mums best friend had hanging on her wall. The strings were about an inch from the fret board and i ended up practicing so long that I had to wear marigolds to stop the blood ruining the strings.

I cut my teeth playing rhythm and singing in working mans clubs up and down the country in a duo called "Jack to Jack" with my dad. I was amazed at receiving money to play music! It blew my mind (about four gigs in I understood the reason for payment :-) After years of working in function bands, duos, trios and the odd busking here and there I started writing my own music, my dad put up the money for my first album "Buckland Hill" and we started playing my blend of UK Country music wherever we could. It was a great time but ended like most bands (Drunk and disappointed :-)

I’ll always love my country music but I needed a challenge, so after hearing that The ‘Relics’ were on the market for a debt lead guitarist I jumped at the chance to see if I could handle it. Next thing I know I'm throwing my guitar out the window after seeing who I was going to dep for!!! but I went outside picked the guitar up and stuck with it. Learning Gilmour licks till my face fell off I finally got a rehearsal with the band and the rest as they say is history :-)

I've had a great time so far meeting the fans (being grilled by the hard core fans) and working with the band and I hope we can carry on warping minds and blowing eardrums :-)

I simply use a red Strat through a Fender Mustang, it's a good powerful sound and until I can afford an 8 X 6ft peddle board it is more than enough :-)

Put your trust in the Gilmour because your ears belong to me
Scott  Brunger